1.  I see something I like, where can I order?  

       •You can call 407-325-7600 and we will have a customer service rep assist you, or put you in touch with the 

         sales person in your area. 

2.  Why can’t I purchase online? 

       •Most of the item’s we offer are either customized (embroidered, screen printed, laser engraved) or pricing 

         changes frequently. 

3.  How long will it take for me to receive my order after I’ve placed it? 

       •That depends on the type of merchandise ordered. Please ask us and we’ll tell you before you place the 


4.  Can I email you my order? 

       •Yes. We prefer all orders in writing, as not to make any mistakes. Simply write to us at 


5.  Can you Pantone Match my company’s logo? 

       •Yes. Just let us know what it is. 

6.  What format does my artwork need to be in for my items? 

       •We can accept eps, ai or cdr. For more information – art@coapparel.com  

7.  How do I send you my artwork?

       •You can email it to us at beth@coapparel.com. 

8.  Do you keep my artwork on file so I don’t have to resubmit it for future orders? 


9.  What are my options for delivery?

       •We offer UPS (all services), local courier, or local pick up (if available in your area). 

10.  Can I ship with my UPS or FedEx account? 

       •We gladly will use your account #. Please state it on the purchase order.  

11.  Will my items from different categories arrive together? 

       •Only if you request it.  

12.  Can I have my items shipped to a hotel or tradeshow? 


13.  Is there a setup charge for customized items? 

       •In most cases, yes.

14.  What Payment methods do you accept? 

       •We accept PO’s if credit is approved, wire transfers, cash, MC, Visa and American Express . 

         We also offer prepay and COD. 

15.  Can I be invoiced for my order?

       •Yes, if you are approved (we do not offer open credit to individual’s). 

16.  Are there discounts for larger orders? 

       •In most cases, yes. 

17.  Can I get and bid or estimate for presentation to a purchase committee? 

       •Yes. We offer that a service. Please email beth@coapparel.com with all specifications required. 

18.  Can I order one or two of an item, I see pricing starts at 12 or more for some items? 

       •In some cases, yes. Although please know that on items such as this, we do not control costs. 

         The manufacturer does. 

19.  I don’t see the exact item I want, can you special order items such as different colors? 

       •Most definitely, just call 407-325-7600 and ask a customer service person. We have the ability to 

         do most anything under the sun. Please understand that it could possibly mean having to 

         meet a minimum quantity. 

20.  Can I order items without a logo? 


21.  How do I determine the sizes I need? 

       •Just ask us. We offer in most cases, a sizing session or offer to ship sample sizes for you to try on. 

         We want you in the right size and  of course, to be pleased with us. 

22.  What are overages? 

       •When an item you ordered was made in a larger quantity than requested. 

23.  What if I need my order rushed? 

       •Just ask, and we’ll do what we can. 

24.  I received my order and something’s wrong, what do I do? 

      •Call 407-325-7600 and we’ll make it right for you. 

25.  What if I made a mistake in my order and realize only now that I have received it? 

       •Call 407-325-7600 and we’ll do our best to help correct the oooppps. 

26.  What are your hours? 

       •Since the inception of our GREAT new site, we are open 24/7/365. but our live hours are 

         8am – 6pm Monday - Friday - EST. 

27.  What is your return policy for customized items? 

       •Unfortunately, unless we made the mistake, we don’t offer one.  We always send a proof 

         to help us both make sure it’s completed correctly the first time.