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Beth Caito - President and CEO



Beth Caito is   the founder and CEO of Clothing Optional Incentives & Apparel (COapparel),   an Orlando based company specializing in  custom, personalized apparel, accessories,   and promotional items. Caito’s core values of hard work, honesty, and   personal service are what have led her to become the successful entrepreneur   she is today.  Beth, a personal trainer   by trade, began the business as a single mother in 2009. From product design   to customer service, her Women Owned and Operated Company lends a friendly   and personal touch, assuring her customers’ satisfaction. Although based in Orlando, Clothing   Optional Incentives & Apparel has been able to serve companies’ and   individuals’ needs throughout the country. Beth attributes the success of her company to her appreciation of life’s   opportunities, a dedicated work ethic by everyone involved and her loyal   customers.